How to Get Freelance Writing Job As A Beginner Through

I joined Upwork when I decided to write as a freelancer.

It seems a ‘natural’ thing to do since Upwork is the platform for freelancers, offering various types of services. But I hardly use Upwork these days for reasons I would share in a later post.

Instead, I want to talk about that I tried recently, just to see if it is a legit platform to get paid for your writing.

What is Nupathe?

Nupathe is kind of the ‘medical arm’ for Writers Academy, a ‘writers for hire’ platform.

I have to admit that the word itself sounds a little strange to me and initially, I had my doubts.

Googling ‘Nupathe’ gave me a result that says it is a “pharmaceutical-related company, which develops solutions for diseases of the central nervous system, including neurological and psychiatric disorders”.

I was thinking then that if that is really the case, then I cannot be writing for them – I am certainly not a medical practitioner, let alone a neurologist!

I went back to anyway and clicked on the “Write For Us”.

Why did I do it? As I said, I was curious and wanted to know where the application process would take me.

Clicking on the ‘Write For Us’, you would be taken to a page that says writers will be paid $40 for an article. (Do note that this is in Australian dollars as Nupathe is …as you guessed, based in Australia)

I learned that the average rate (in the current year 2019) for a beginner freelance writer is about US$50 for a post/article (for the same number of words i.e., 1,000). So this is lower than what a beginner could expect. Still, it is better than most jobs that you would find in Upwork.

Sign Up Process

What further piqued my interest is the provision of “professional” training that includes blog creation, social media marketing, and search engine marketing.

Signing up is relatively easy :

  1. Signing up is done via social media Facebook, Google or Instagram, so you do not have to create usernames or passwords, specific to Nupathe.
  2. No prior experience is required (This is the reason why you might want to give Nupathe a shot if you have not written for paid clients before)
  3. You can choose to remain anonymous in writing your articles
  4. You get a link to your writer profile and your website for each article that you write
  5. Payment is made through Paypal. But the platform is working on incorporating Transferwise as a mode of payment, for those who do not have a Paypal account. (I’ve used Transferwise before and I must say that in addition to its relatively low rates of currency conversion, it has a reliable, responsive customer service)

What Happens After Sign-up?

Upon sign-up, you will be requested to fill in some details including the personal profile that you want to be included in the articles you write. 

You would then create a website that will be hosted in GoDaddy. 

There is no choice in the hosting service. But I am not complaining because the hosting for 12 months was provided at a special rate of about US$13 (using the discount code provided when you sign up to Nupathe).

However, do take note that the hosting does not come with SSL certificate. So your website would appear as ‘not secure’. 

Getting the certificate would set you back about US$100 per year.

Why Create A Website?

Some of you might be wondering when you actually get to write for if you ever decide to try it out. 

Well, you will not get to write for them as soon as you sign up.

Emphasis is placed in the creation of your website before you are assigned to write. So you need to work on your website first before getting paid for any article.

But don’t fret too much about the website. You just need to get a domain name and sign up for the GoDaddy hosting. You don’t have to fill your site with content if you really don’t have an inkling about what to include.

What you need to prove is that you have started your own writer’s website, which will be a source for clients’ reference on the kind of work that you do.

The idea is to keep on adding examples of published works to the site as you move along in your writing career.

Any Real Work?

Once I completed the basics of my website (i.e., about, privacy, terms/ conditions and portfolio with my sample articles/posts), I submitted it for review. 

A couple of days later, I received an email saying that I could start writing for Nupathe :

  1. On any topic
  2. Without any deadline
  3. And yes, I’d be paid A$40.

I wanted to see if this is for real. It does not seem hard at all as I could choose any topic to write on as long as it is health/medical related.

Besides, no deadlines mean I would not be hard-pressed for time!

Any Real Payment?

While not being given a topic to write on can be good, it also means there is no specific direction as to what you should be writing on. This can be quite a challenge if you are starting out.

The solution is to go back to Nupathe to check on the kind of articles submitted by other writers – what topics they covered, their styles, the length (if they stuck to the 1,000-word article).

Once I got an idea of how articles are presented in Nupathe, I started working on mine.

It did not take me long to finish my article, complete with relevant images, as required.

For images, you can go to the sites as recommended in Nupathe training. But I wanted specific images so I resorted to Canva to create some.

Was It That Easy?

Two days after I submitted my article, I received an email saying it was rejected. 

At first, I thought my article was rejected because of the topic or worse, some plagiarism issue.

But later, I find it amusing to discover that my article was rejected because of the placement of images. I had centralized one of the images used and use right alignment for the other.

You are NOT supposed to have any alignment for images.

The thing is I don’t remember reading any instructions on this in the training provided. 

The good news is …

  1. I still had the chance to edit the article and submit again.
  2. There are no changes to be made in terms of content and/or grammar.

So I removed the alignment for the images and re-submitted the article.

The next day…

Yup, A$40 into my Paypal!

That just proves that Nupathe (Writers Academy) is for real.

So if you are looking to strike that first paid gig (at a rate better than some clients in Upwork would pay you), then why not give Writers Academy a try?

Health/medical niche is not the only one you can write on.

If you don’t want to write about these niches, you can visit their categories page to see if any of the other niches there suit you.

Do note that Writers Academy if the writers portal while Writers Agency is for hiring portal for clients.

Continued Work

Writers Agency uses an algorithm to rank writers. The higher you are in the rankings, the higher the chance to be spotted by clients.

One of the criterion to move up the rankings is to spruce up your website. Your website will be rated “A” for the first month.

After that, the site will be reviewed and then rated based on its content (particularly in the inclusion of published works). I believe it is not just published works but also whether your works are being published in reputable sources.

Another factor that determines your rankings is your article’s ability to attract readers. For this, the Writers Academy training recommends sharing your article in social media and also niche groups that would be interested in the topic.

I thought it’s good that you are able to see the number of readers to your article in the Writers Academy dashboard. So you can track how your article performs over time.

If you decide to try Nupathe, I would love to hear from you. Feel free to drop me a line or two below and tell me your experience!

2 thoughts on “How to Get Freelance Writing Job As A Beginner Through”

  1. I have written for Nupathe, and quite honestly I think they’re ridiculous. The only assignment was the initial one which I’m assuming is to get a base line for your stats. They promise that their system ensures that everyone gets assignments (since its an academy and obviously people need practice) but there’s no more work. The staff don’t even respond to messages sent via the help tab. It’s a good thing they really paid for the article otherwise I would say its a scam. But they haven’t delivered any promises beyond that initial article.

    1. Hello Renicia,

      Thanks for dropping by.

      My intention in trying out Nupathe is to determine if it could be a good platform for freelance writers who are complete beginners to get their feet wet. Freelance writers need to have a portfolio of their sample writing to showcase their work to potential clients. There are of course several ways to accumulate samples such as guest posting or publishing articles in your own blogs. But what if you have not built any portfolio websites yet?

      This is where I believe Nupathe serves two purposes :
      1. Enable freelance writers to get that first article out (this should be easy as you choose the topic that you want to write about)
      2. Simultaneously enable them to get paid for the work done

      Nupathe claims they use some kind of algorithm to rate writers (A,B,C, etc) in the platform, based on articles published in their personal blogs (that you have to create through when you first register on Nupathe).

      To be honest, I can’t vouch that it is a good platform to get subsequent work. However, I do want to emphasize that getting work as a freelance writer is a constant challenge of looking for work in job boards like Problogger, pitching, cold-emailing and/or bidding on content mill sites like Upwork or

      Based on some bad experiences in content mill sites, I no longer look for jobs there – mainly because of the measly compensation and some rogue, manipulative clients.

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